Smith Enterprise Ar .308 Muzzle Brake .905 30 Caliber

Made by Smith Enterprise

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Q. What is it?

A. Easy to install muzzle brakes substantially reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise for more comfortable shooting, better control, and faster follow-up shots. Closed at the bottom to reduce dust signature. Recessed gas ports redirect combustion gases to counteract recoil force. Machined from the same high-grade 8620 steel bar stock as the popular Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Eliminator series, and heat-treated to a surface hardness of Rc 60 to resist gas erosion. Rounded edges give a streamlined profile and minimize risk of snagging on other gear. 1002RR fits any rifle up to .308/7.62mm with 5/8""-24 tpi muzzle threads. Includes lock nut. Mfg: Smith Enterprise SPECS: 8620 steel, salt-bath nitrated finish, matte black. 1002RR 2"" long. .905"" OD. 5/8""-24 TPI threads. Lock nut included.

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