PaperPro (R) ProPunch (TM) 3-Hole Punch, Black/Silver

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Q. What is it?

A. Enjoy clean, easy and jam-free paper punches Convenient ruler with paper guide helps ensure precise punching. Advanced dies help cut through paper with minimal effort. Punches up to 12 sheets at once to provide efficient performance. Lock-down handle offers easy operation and helps save space when not in use. Jam-free technology helps you avoid frustrating jams. Nonslip rubberized base provides stability while protecting your desktop. Internal waste chamber with easy-access rear door helps eliminate messes. PaperPro Paper Punches, Cutters & Folding Machines part of a large selection of office supplies. PaperPro (R) ProPunch (TM) 3-Hole Punch, Black/Silver is one of many Paper Punches available through Office Depot. Made by PaperPro.

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A. This product (PaperPro (R) ProPunch (TM) 3-Hole Punch, Black/Silver) made by PaperPro. You can buy it on Office Depot for the best price available online, under Industrial & Scientific > Cutting Tools > Punches categories. or just click here.

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