Koho Revolution 587 Sr. Goalie Chest Protector

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Q. What is it?

A. A favorite design of NHL Pros for the last decade; the Premier design by Lefevre lives with the new Koho Revolution 587 chest and arm protector! Based on the original Koho 590 and Reebok Premier designs; the 587 incorporates new design features for a modern version of an already legendary chest and arm protector. The body of the Koho 587 chest and arm protector is centered around the tried and true rectangular block design; allowing for superior flexibility and fast break in time. The body features a continuous rib and side wrap; serving to protect the vulnerable 7-hole region and preventing pucks from slipping in between the arm and the body of the goaltender. The body is complimented with large shoulder floaters for increased protection and maximum blocking surface. Dual breaks in the floaters allow for a contoured fit to the goalie's body and prevents mask interference. A newly redesigned Airknit neck guard provides additional collarbone and clavicle protection. The Koho 587 chest and arm protector utilizes the popular Premier arm design that has become a staple in the NHL. The arms feature a square design to maximize blocking surface and prevent pucks from skipping over into the net. The arm and elbow floater design are optimized to mesh perfectly with the rib protection; preventing 7-hole goals in between the arm and body. Goalies will be reassured of full protection in scramble situations on the ice with the tough molded plastic Joint Discharge Principle (JDP) elbow caps. Utilizing the same design that has made the Premier Series chest protector so popular; the Koho 587 features a simple adjustable backplate and laced in arms with the ability to fit a wide range of upper body sizes. New for the Revolution chest protectors; the elastic wrap and buckles feature a new slick-clip system; allowing for complete customization of body and backplate fit with the ability to replace broken buckles easily. For the goalie looking for a classic design and feel with superi

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