Koho Revolution 587 Int. Goalie Glove

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Q. What is it?

A. The Revolution is back! The new Koho Revolution 587 goal glove is a continuation of the legendary Koho look with a modern Lefevre design. The 587 catch glove maintains a classic Lefevre feel with an added pro palm; offering additional protection while still maintaining the ability to open and close the glove easily. A fully articulating backhand provides maximum protection from all angles. The single ''T'' and webbing allow for consistent catching feel while absorbing puck impact. An internal palm lined with SureGrip material provides maximum grip to the goalie's hand and prevents glove slippage during long ice sessions. The 587 is offered in both 580 and 590 break styles. The 580 will feature a more aggressive thumb angle paired with a large pocket to create a glove with a traditional palm break that easily directs pucks into the pocket. The 590 break will offer a wide open feel to the glove; more oriented towards maximizing surface area for blocking. Compared to the 580 angle; the 590 will have the break moved outwards; closer to the fingers to create a more natural index-to-thumb closure. Compared to the Koho 585 model glove; the 587 will feature an upgrade in material quality and protection with better wear resistance over time. If you are a competitive intermediate level goalie looking for a legendary glove feel with maximum protection; look no further than the Koho 587.

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