Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

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Q. What is it?

A. Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set: Key benefits: Kids benefit from frequent physical activity and exerciseYou benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your own backyardFlexible Flyer metal swing set features 4 activities that will keep 6 kids busy at the same timeKids' swing set offers a great value in outdoor play for the whole summerFeatures and specifications: Kids' swing set has steel frame with HDPE plasticsVinyl-covered swing chains are height adjustableDimensions: 11'11"L x 10'W x 5'10"HWhat's included:2 swingsMetal trapezeSeesawWave slideBonus ground anchors are included. For stability and child safety, this gym set should be anchoredAssembly: Assembly manual includedAssembly takes approximately 1-1/2 - 3 hoursSafety information: Weight capacity per seat: 105 lbsMaximum weight capacity: 630 lbsFor questions about this swing set, please call The Troxel Company at (901) 877-6875.

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