Easton Haven Carbon 27.5"" Front Mountain Wheel Parts Mountain Wheels

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Q. What is it?

A. Easton Haven Carbon 27.5 Front Mountain Wheel. Simply put, the Easton Haven Carbon 27.5 mountain front wheel is an enduro aficionado's dream. Designed for rugged conditions, this wheel just begs to be mounted on your favorite six-inch travel bike and ridden hard. The carbon fiber rim is constructed from Easton's proprietary Armored Ballistic Composite that significantly boosts durability and makes the Haven Carbon resilient to impacts with rocks and trail debris. Furthermore, the rim features UST tubeless compatibility (no rim tape required and a tubeless valve stem is included) . Easton's M1 aluminum hub rolls super-smooth on cartridge bearings, is set up for 6-bolt disc brake rotors, and is also set up for a 15x100mm thru-axle system. And like all of Easton's high-end wheels, the Haven Carbon is built by hand utilizing Easton's proprietary acoustic tensioning and truing method. Pair with the Easton Haven Carbon 27.5 rear wheel (Nashbar item # EA-HCR) to complete the 1500 gram/pair wheelset.

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