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Flite Hockey Chaos-55 Hockey Skates- Sr

Flite Hockey takes foot protection seriously in its skate design. A metatarsal protection cover is inserted in the tongue of the boot, when the boot is laced the metatarsal acts like a protective dome over the player's foot. This transfers energy from

CCM SP100 Women's Recreational Ice Skates- Youth

CCM S&P recreational ice skates deliver warmth, comfort, styling and figure skate feel for hockey moms and sisters. Features Endo-skeletal recreational style figure skate for comfort and support, brushed suede/rhombic mesh for style and durability, and pa

CCM Alpine Recreational Ice Skates- Senior

For those looking for recreational skates or even something to knock around in out on the pond, the CCM Alpine delivers warmth, comfort and style. The Endo-skeletal recreational style boot provides outstanding comfort and support with a VELCRO upper cu

GRAF Ultra G65 Hockey Skate- Sr

The Graf Ultra G65 skates are designed and built with SRPP molded quart panel construction to create a lightweight skate with tons of support for transferring the most energy possible from the foot to the ice. V2 Carboframe technology keeps the skate ligh

GRAF Ultra G35S Hockey Skate- Sr '12

The Ultra G35S hockey skates from Graf offer a true 3D fit. This is a new model for 2012 and the skate has been redesigned. The G35S offers EPP quarter construction for a lightweight supportive boot. Thermolam construction system allows the boot to be hea

GRAF Supra 735 Hockey Skate- Jr '12

Graf's Supra 735 skate has undergone a redesign for 2012. This model fits the widest variety of foot shapes and offers a narrow heel to lock the heel into place with a medium instep depth. The boot is constructed with a 4 piece Cyber-Flex tendon to provid

Graf Supra 301 Hockey Skates- Jr

Graf's mid to entry level supra 301 features the Graf flex notch , a microfiber reinforced counter for stability & Thermolam construction systemfor outstanding support. The leather liner & cloth tongue provide comfort not found in most skates of this l

Graf Ultra G70 Hockey Skates- Senior

The Graf Ultra G70 skates feature a deep fitting design like its predecessor the G9 but with a traditionally designed boot offering a narrower heel fit. This skate is constructed using V2 Carbofram technology, which integrates a carbon fiber core laminate

Graf Ultra G5 Hockey Skates- Senior

Graf's Ultra G5 skates feature an aggressive forward angle for maximum agility, while providing for fuller stride extension and energy transfer per stride. This skate is constructed using V2 Carbofram technology, which integrates a carbon fiber core lamin

Graf Ultra G3 Hockey Skates- Senior

The Ultra G3 is constructed in the same fashion as previous models with a narrow heel shallow depth, but this skate uses the latest materials to keep up with the ever changing demands of today's best players. This skate is constructed using V2 Carboframe