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Vaughn Velocity V6 1100 Sr. Goalie Blocker

The all-new V6 1100 blocker continues the success of the Velocity line with a blocker that has been optimized to achieve an extremely lightweight and balanced feel with a medium thickness side profile for maximum maneuverability. The blocking board features a contoured shape that tapers in thickness to provide even weight distribution and enhanced balance. The palm and cuff are located at a higher point on the board; effectively extending the coverage of the goalie's hand. A solid high density foam and plastic sideboard construction increases protection from impacts and features a vertical deflecting rail to increase effectiveness of the sidewall. At the fingers; dual density foams are fully utilized with a wider attachment base to prevent twisting and misalignment of the protection. An additional index finger protector is sewn to maximize protection yet remain fully functional for stick handling. The blocking board face consists of a thicker HD foam board; providing a livelier rebound for directing pucks to the corner. The palm is constructed of Clarino nash material for great stick feel with vented gussets; providing extra ventilation and flexibility. Similar to the Velocity V5; the two-piece cuff design allows for maximum wrist mobility.

Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 Sr. Goalie Blocker

The Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 continues the resounding success of the Velocity V5 with enhancements resulting in an even more balanced and mobile blocker designed to perform at the highest level. The V6 1000 features a bindingless front blocking board surface and incorporates an ultra-high density internal foam core for lighter weight and added protection under extreme impacts. The hand position on the board base is carefully designed to provide for exceptional balance and feel and to optimize stick placement during paddle-down positioning. Additionally; the bottom edge of the board is beveled to allow the goalie to get closer to the ice and prevent pucks from slipping past. New for the Velocity line; the blocker board is laced through the body; securing the blocking surface upon impact and giving the goalie more consistent control of rebounds. The large side shield has a thick; ultra-high density foam layer reinforced with polyethylene plastic; providing increased protection while enlarging the coverage and blocking area of the glove. The new Velocity 1000 features a newly redesigned floating cuff; allowing for a wider range of mobility while keeping the goalie's wrist protected from impacts. An all-new MSH3 base palm material offers proven durability while an added grip layer provides for increased stick control.

Vaughn XR Pro Sr. Knee Protectors

Pro three piece design for flexibilityLarge double shield for added protection and laces on for adjustmentHigh density polyethylene molded components provide for shock dispersalClarino synthetic leather on knee exterior for durabilityNash Clarino on inner knee for grip and durabilityWrap around design extends protection to inner and outer sides of the legThree adjustable straps for precise adjustmentTop thigh strap with urethane grip strips on elastic for added securityFull flexibility with three piece hinged designGarter belt attachment at waist to hold pad in place and features vertical leg length adjustment

Vaughn XF Pro Sr. Knee Protectors

Pro three piece design Durable nylon exterior Three adjustable straps for precise adjustment Wrap around design extends protection to inner and outer sides of the leg Top thigh strap with urethane grip strips on elastic for added security Low profile shape for closer fit High density polyethylene molded components provide for shock dispersal

VAUGHN GX1 Pro Goal Skate- Sr

The GX1 goal skate is ergonomically designed to meet the unique bio mechanical needs of a goaltender. Fuller side counters allow the boot to completely wrap the foot for support. Unique patent pending forward pitch boot allows the goaltender to be in an a

VAUGHN Ventus LT98 Catch Glove- Sr

The LT 98 Ventus Catch glove made by Vaughn has an optimized design which opens the catch surface and provides a wider deeper T-web pocket to maximize catching performance. New precision molded carbon fiber palm, back thumb and cuff provide lighter weight

VAUGHN Ventus LT88 Catch Glove- Sr

The Vaughn Ventus LT88 Catch Glove features an advanced anatomical design to increase the performance through superior control, balance, fit, feel. The shape of the glove is designed to provide superior catching power and precision molded curved palm and

VAUGHN Ventus LT98 Chest & Arm- Sr

The new LT 98 Ventus custom Pro Arm and chest protector has a design that is maximized to increase upper body net coverage. Maximum flexibility is incorporated into the design for quick break-in. The ergonomic design has been developed and refined to ensu

VAUGHN Ventus LT88 Chest & Arm- Sr

The Ventus LT88 model is designed to work with the natural movements of the goaltenders body to optimize flexibility while providing superior protection and maximum net coverage for the upper body. Wide extra-large shoulder floaters increase blocking surf

VAUGHN 7490 Velocity Catch Glove- Sr

The Vaughn 7490 Velocity catch glove features a design with a deep contoured catch frontal area and an extra wide shaped palm. These give more depth and surface area to the glove for added net coverage. The single spine T-web pocket is designed with an o