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Easton Protective Skate Socks

Features: Construction: nylon; polyethylene; para-aromatic polyamide; polyester;spandex UHMWPE provides the ultimate strength/weight protection ratio Provides maximum protection against cuts at tendon area Bio-Dri moves moisture outward from foot

Easton TwaronProtective Skate Socks

State of the art Twaron Black Aramid; no more ugly yellow aramidProvides protection against cuts at tendon areaUHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) provides the ultimate strength/weight protection ratioBio-DriT moves moisture outward from footConstruction: Nylon; Polyethylene; Para-Aromatic Polyamide; Polyester; SpandexColors: Black

EASTON Mako II Hockey Skate- Sr

The New Mako II Skates continue to evolve explosive skating with new design enhancements to the composite boot form reinforcing it with carbon, and more responsive tongue, and upgraded ankle padding and the introduction of moisture management with ORTHOLT

EASTON Twaron Protective Skate Sock

The Easton TwaronA (C) Protective Sock features a Nylon, Polyethylene, Para-Aromatic Polymide, Polyester and Spandex Construction. A protection package that is cut resistant and built to CE Level 5 with a Bio-Dri (TM) application that keeps the sock dr

Easton Synthesis ELITE Hockey Pants- Senior

Our exclusive Easton HP Synthesis ELITE offers top-level players fit, performance and value. Featuring Zero Shock (TM) and Spine Tec (TM) Technology combined with redesigned split shell design, you get lightweight, ultra-flexible pants that don't sacrifice pr

Easton EQ5 Soft Neck Protector

Features: Tricot-warp knit for stretch and comfortBio-Dri moisture movement for thermo regulationKevlar protective inner construction for lightweight performance, moisture movement and breath abilityLow profile molded hook/loop attachment at back for adde

EASTON Razor Bladz II Holder

Replacement Razor Bladz II holders to fit on Easton skates. This holder takes the Easton Elite or standard runners II.

EASTON Elite Training Short- Sr

The Easton Elite training short is constructed from 100% microfiber polyester and features the Bio-Dri (TM) fabric for moisture movement. The Elite training short is perfect for off ice training or to wear underneath equipment as a chaffe guard. This qu