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Montana Decoy Fred Eichler Antelope Decoy

A decoy has proven over and over to be one of the most effective tools to increase your odds of putting a bullet or arrow through the vitals of a rutting pronghorn buck. Montana Decoys Fred Eichler Antelope Decoy makes stalking with a decoy easier than ever with a see-through mesh window that lets you keep an eye on your target, plus a carry handle that allows you to hold the decoy in one hand while carrying your bow or rifle with the other. Quickstand technology boasts a large platform for pushing stakes into the ground with your foot, leaving it in a free-standing position without having to put your weapon down. Cable toe loop allows you to lift it back out of the ground without bending over or making a lot of movement. Quick and easy assembly. Type: Antelope Decoys.

SALE Dakota Decoy X-Treme Jake Turkey Decoy

With its arrogant posture and uncanny realism, this semi-strut X-Treme Jake turkey decoy will drive mature toms crazy. The decoys posture incorporates a slight, backward head tilt and is the work of world-champion carver Dave Constantine. Dakotas nearly indestructible, pliable EVA-blend plastic is finished with high-quality paint backed by Dakotas replacement warranty. Each decoy is airbrushed down to the finest details, making it unique and more realistic. An included metal stake system can be stored internally when running and gunning. Type: Turkey Decoys.

Dave Smith Decoys Strutter Turkey Decoy

These turkey decoys are the solution for -shy or dominant toms that dont consider a jake enough of a threat to risk leaving the safety of cover. Made with A.C.E. resin, the specialized body actually reseals its own surfaces for an entirely worry-free, no-hesitation shooting experience. This rugged, lifelike decoy is tough enough to withstand repeated attacks from aggressive birds as well as gunshots. Each DSD Strutter decoy has been tested and proven to be ultradurable and weatherproof. Each accepts a real tail fan, wings and beard (all not included) for added realism and conversion from jake to tom and vice versa. Decoys come complete with tools to attach your own tail fan, wings and beard, carry bag and motion stake. Dimensions: 15L x 15W x 18H. Type: Turkey Decoys.

Dave Smith Decoys Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys - Camo

Dave Smith Decoys delivers the Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys, a spicy little couple that will make nearby toms hopping mad. Place the subordinate jake on the motion stake facing toward the rear of the submissive hen and kick back. This lifelike breeding pair ignites a mature toms instincts, making it jealous and aggressive. As the tom comes in, hell be so focused on letting the young jake know whos the boss, you will have ample opportunity to take your shot. Built out of a sprayed, pigmented, ultradurable A.C.E. resin, the specialized bodies reseal their own surfaces. Tough enough to withstand repeated attacks from aggressive turkeys as well as stray pellets. Lightweight, compact and quiet, theyre a great addition to your turkey-hunting gear. Made in USA. Includes: one jake, one submissive hen, two camo carry bags and one self-storing motion stake. Color: Camo.

SALE Big Foot Decoys Big Foot B2 Full-Body Canada Goose Decoys

Realistic body proportions make The Big Foot B2 Full-Body Canada Goose Decoys a great choice for adding spread depth to seal the deal on high-pressured geese. They also have the molded-in feather detail and throw-in-the-truck, kick-across-the-ice durability that make Big Foot decoys legendary. Flocked heads. Active Variaty bodies are 26L from breast to tail. Feeder bodies are 31L from head to tail. Sleeper bodies measure 26 from breast to tail. Styles measure 15-1/2H x 9-1/2W. Per 6. Available: Feeder (includes six feeders) Active Variety (includes two feeders, one bull, one upright, one challenger and one resting) Sleeper (includes two upright sleepers, three sleepers and one bull) Type: Canada Goose Decoys.

Deadly Decoy Light-Goose Feeder-Head Decoys - Blue

These Deadly Decoy Light-Goose Feeder-Head windsock decoys are lightweight, self inflating and printed with feather detail from real birds. Setup and takedown can be done in seconds, letting you spend more time hunting and less time working. Decoys move convincingly in light breezes, and maintain their smooth motion in heavy winds. Heads screw into support systems and move with the bodies. No-Break Backbone system keeps the bodies extended, even when the wind dies. Tyvek construction. Per 12. Imported. Available: Snow Goose, Blue Goose, Specklebelly. Color: Blue. Type: Speckly Belly Goose Decoys.

SALE White Rock Decoys Rockonomy Snow Goose Decoys 10 Dozen

These money-saving White Rock Rockonomy Snow Goose windsock decoys come with assembled support system, 360 swivels and 24 fiberglass stakes just paint your own feather detail, complete the assembly and start hunting! The non-printed bodies are made of the same durable tyvek material as the printed ones for seasons of stow-and-go abuse. Paint your own feather pattern or use one of the available stencils (sold separately) . Per 120. Imported. Color: White. Type: Snow/Blue Goose Decoys.

White Rock Decoys Headless Snow Windsock Decoys

Let Mother Nature enhance your goose spread with White Rock Decoys Headless Snow Windsocks. The slightest breeze fills decoys and gives them in lifelike movement to bring birds in close. Printed with feather detail for added realism. Dark, no-shine UVproof ink ensures geese dont flare. Includes Tuf-Snap support systems and 24 fiberglass ground stakes. Manufacturers lifetime warranty. Available: 5-dozen, 10-dozen. Color: White. Type: Snow/Blue Goose Decoys.

Montana Decoy Jake Purr-Fect Turkey Decoy

The ultimate portable decoy, the Montana Decoy Jake Purr-Fect Turkey Decoy can be packed down to the size of a dinner plate and spring into a full-bodied 3-D jake decoy in seconds. Detailed feathering built from an HD photo of actual feather cuts fools even the wariest of toms. In addition, the molded head and multiple leg-pole sleeves allow you to adjust the pose to fit the situation. Easy to carry and set up. Setup: 34H x 27W. Folded: 13H x 9W. Type: Turkey Decoys.

SALE White Rock Decoys Windsock Decoy Storage Bag

Carry over 300 standard or 125 headed White Rock windsock decoys in this convenient, durable bag. Its rugged woven polyester fabric stands upright when loading and unloading, yet folds flat for storage. Adjustable lid straps and buckles ensure a snug fit during transportation, and two heavy-duty handles make hauling a breeze. Grommeted drain holes in the bottom shed water. Imported. Dimensions: 40L x 20W x 20H. Color: White. Type: Decoy Bags.