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Jefferson's Pillow

In ""Jefferson's Pillow"", Wilkins returns to America's beginnings and the founding fathers who preached and fought for freedom, even though they owned other human beings and legally denied them their humanity. He asserts that the mythic accounts of the American Revolution have ignored slavery and oversimplified history until the heroes, be they the founders or the slaves in their service, are denied any human complexity. Wilkins offers a thoughtful analysis of this fundamental paradox through his exploration of the lives of George Washington, George Mason, James Madison, and of course Thomas Jefferson. He discusses how class, education, and personality allowed for the institution of slavery, unravels how we as Americans tell different sides of that story, and explores the confounding ability of that narrative to limit who we are and who we can become. An outspoken participant in the civil rights movement, Roger Wilkins served as Assistant Attorney General during the Johnson administration. In 1972 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize along with Bernstein and Herblock for his coverage of Watergate. Paperback, 163 pages.

Chickadee Pillow

A chickadee on a fanciful flowering branch is beautifully embroidered on this pillow. Zippered linen/cotton cover, feather/down insert. 16"" sq. Spot clean. Imported.

Book Quote Pillow

After the War of 1812, Jefferson sold more than 6,500 of his books to the federal government to begin rebuilding the Library of Congress. He kept about 1,000 of his favorites, and a few years later expressed this sentiment. The pillow is blue poly/cotton with embroidered design and gold cording. Made in the U.S.A. 8""h x 14""w.

Bluebird Pillow

Frequent visitors to Monticello mountain, bluebirds are among the most distinctive birds of the Virginia countryside. Our hand-stitched wool needlepoint pillow is finished with thick fringe and a zippered beige cotton-velvet back. 12"" sq. Imported.

Grandchildren Pillow

Jefferson's sentiment, ""...grandchildren...furnish me great resources of happiness,"" strikes a chord with proud grandparents. Soft microsuede, plumped with polyfill and trimmed with gold cording and tassels. Dry clean. 8""h x 14""l.

Owl Pillow

Owls are often heard and sometimes seen after dusk descends on Monticello mountain. This one has neatly patterned feathers and an inquisitive expression. Poly-fill pillow is made of hand-hooked wool with black velvet zippered backing. 18"" sq. Imported.

Cream Cotton Velvet Music Pillow

Cushy, reversible pillow with two of Jefferson's observations about music. Cream cotton velvet with black embroidered text and notes. Polyfill insert. 8""x12"".

Bunting & Foliage Pillow

This design by Kate McRostie was inspired by 18th-century textiles. Handcrafted of imported cotton with a back zipper and beige velvet backing. Plumped with polyester filling. Dry clean. 8""h x 24""w x 2""d.

Fox Needlepoint Pillow

The richly colored, hand-stitched fox recalls wildlife that flourish on the grounds of Monticello. Pure wool with cotton velveteen back and polyester filling. 10"" sq.

Poinsettia Pillow

Holiday brights are in full holiday bloom on our embroidered accent pillow. Ramie/cotton is puffed with feather down filling. Dry clean. Imported. 16""w x 12""h.