Starrett Drive Pin Punch, 8in.

Extra-long Well proportioned, hardened, properly tempered, and have a knurled grip For following long cotter pins and the like into holes with out hindrance Starrett Drive Pin Punch, 8in. is one of many Chisels, Punches & Pins available through Office Depot. Made by Starrett.

Starrett 1911 Slide Rail Micrometer

For match level accuracy, slide-to-frame fit on 1911-style au- tos must be closer than a gnat's whisker. This specially modified Starrett mike precisely measures the thickness of the slide's ""rails"". Makes choosing the correct slide fitting bar quick and accurate. No guesswork. Take measurement at three points along the slide, average readings together, and select a slide fitting bar (listed elsewhere) .001"" to .002"" thicker. Mfg: Starrett SPECS: Stainless steel, 2- 1/2"" (6.3cm) overall. Carbide measuring faces read .0000 to .4265"" (10.8mm) . Includes plastic case.

Starrett 6"" Dial Caliper

A precision tool that handles all the required measurements; inside, outside, depth and steps. Stainless steel frame and slide, including the ""down-pointing"" rack teeth that shed dirt and chips. Dial registers .100"" per revolution, the wide graduations give fast, easy reading. Available with a White Face with black marks, Black Face with white marks or Red Face with white marks. Satin finish with deep, recessed, black-filled scale markings. Fast adjusting thumb wheel. Knurled lock for jaw and dial. Mfg: Starrett SPECS: 9"" (22.9cm) long. 3"" (7.6cm) high. 1-3/8"" (3.5cm) diameter dial. 10"" (25.4cm) x 4"" (10.2cm) x 1"" (2.5cm) padded, plastic case.

Starrett Taper Pin Starter

This tool's radiused face matches the end of the front sight housing taper pin to prevent damage during removal. The taper pin is removed by driving from left to right; the small end is on the left side of the barrel, the large end is on the right side! Mfg: Starrett SPECS: 4"" (10.2cm) long. 3/32"" (2.4mm) diameter tip.

Starrett Dial Indicator

Dial Indicators are primarily used by handloaders on various measuring guages. We carry several different dial indicators so you can pick the best one for your requirements and budget. All of the indicators will work on the Sinclair Concentricity Gage, the Sinclair Neck Wall Thickness Gage, and the Sinclair Neck Turning Tool Adjustment Fixture.The stem on all indicators measures three eigths inch in diameter and has 1.0 inch of travel. Each indicator reads .001 inch. The best dial indicator we offer, and probably one of the best in the world, is the Starrett dial indicator. Quality made in the United States. Mfg: Starrett

Starrett Electronic Tube Micrometer

Tube micrometers are used to measure the absolute thickness of round tubing walls (case neck wall thickness) to .0001"""" accuracy. This American Made Starrett instrument features a high contrast LCD digital readout to make consecutive measurements fast and easy. The friction thimble feature gives you easy and accurate repeatability, measures to .00005"""" or 0.001mm, non glare black frame and satin chrome thimble, carbide anvil face and long life (CR2450) coin cell battery. Micrometer shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity and comes on with restart motion to the last reading so zero is maintained. Digital output to any capable computer or recorder is possible with optional cables. Comes with Mfg: Starrett

Starrett Precision Screwdriver Set

This set of 7 precision 551 Series screwdrivers from Starrett includes 4 straight bladed drivers from .060 inch to .120 inch and 3 Phillips drivers from 1 to 00. All blades have vapor chromed, hardened tips and tapered, ergonomic handles. Handle tops spin freely for precise turning control. Great set for precision work, snap close case included. Mfg: Starrett

Starrett Tool And Instrument Oil

This is the same lubricating and preservative oil used on Starrett tools before shipment from the Starrett factory. Provides through lubrication of close fitting parts, and is the ideal oil for fine machine parts, fishing and sports equipment, sewing machines and firearms. Excellent for trigger mechanisms. Four ounce plastic dropper bottle. Mfg: Starrett

Starrett Basic Electronic Tool Set

This is the perfect measuring tool set for new reloaders or anyone wishing to upgrade to digital electronic tools. The set includes the Starrett 6"" Electronic Caliper (#52-7990) and the 1"" Electronic Outside Micrometer (#52-7345) in an attractive fitted case. Batteries are included for both tools (CR2450 and SR44) .Battery will have to be removed if shipping through the Postal Service and International Orders. Mfg: Starrett

Split Collet, Starrett, 25SC38

Split Collet, Thread Size 1/2-20, Features 0.375 In. Dia Thru HoleFeaturesFeatures: 0.375" Dia Thru HoleItem: Split ColletThread Size: 1/2-20