Bauer Supreme One.9 Int. Chest Arm Protector

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Q. What is it?

A. Based off the One75 Senior chest protector that has amassed a cult following; the Supreme One.9 chest protector combines the legendary design with new revolutionary materials; creating a mobile unit designed specifically to meet the needs of both hybrid and butterfly goalies at the intermediate to advanced level of play. Offering many of the same design features as the NXG Pro; the One.9 offers a great balance of both protection and affordability. Beginning with the body; the unit is based around a segmented foam core with a reinforced HD foams. The segmented foams provide both a soft foam base for comfort as well as increased mobility. Bauer's proprietary HX-SORB gel reinforced sternum protection brings new technology to an established design; ultimately offering the goalie maximum security in net. The Bauer One.9 focuses on providing maximum coverage while still maintaining great maneuverability. The arms have been specifically designed to decrease ''bulk'' and remain slim while still offering top-level protection. The wrist straps are one-of-a-kind in that they are fully separated from the arm padding; allowing for the goalie to adjust to the perfect fit. The HD shoulder floaters have been optimized to a maximum legal size to take up as much net as possible to cater to the butterfly style of play. Other features include an ultra-flexible lower flap designed to allow the goalie to get into a lower stance as well as partitioned arm padding for a secure fit that is less likely to break down and shift over time. A truly customized fit is achievable through adjustable laced arms and a unique backplate/body adjustment system. The Bauer Supreme One.9 is specifically designed to cater to the needs of both hybrid and butterfly style goalies at the intermediate to advanced levels of play through the combination of wide shoulder floaters and a lightweight; flexible body.

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