Bauer Reactor 7000 Sr. Chest Arm Protector

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Q. What is it?

A. A continuation of the successful Reactor design; the 7000 Pro chest and arm unit combines the mobility synonymous with the Reactor models with the pro level protection that you can expect from Bauer. Ideal for quick; athletic goalies who use the battlefly technique; the Reactor 7000 features multi-density foam blocks at the chest sewn tightly together to ensure there are no gaps in protection while still remaining very mobile. Square profile shoulder floaters not only reduce the chance of stingers; but also completely cover the shoulder joint and effectively make the goalie look bigger in net. To complement the protective body; an additional molded foam sternum plate extends all the way across the chest for additional security against hard shots. Additional features on the 7000 chest and arm include fully adjustable arms and chest height; as well as Bauer's exclusive Adjustable Body System (ABS) . ABS features removable extension body blocks; allowing the goalie to completely customize the length of the chest unit to their preference. Compared to the previous Reactor 4000 chest and arm unit; the 7000 features newly redesigned shoulder wings and sternum protector to be more effective in coverage; protection; and mobility.

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