Avian-X LCD Collapsible Lookout Hen Turkey Decoys

Made by Avian-X

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Q. What is it?

A. At 15% smaller than the originals, the next generation of Avian-X LCD decoys are lighter, easier to pack and less aggressive to real hens. Add the increased texture and detailed feather lines and they look even more realistic. Years of studying body postures, moods and behaviors of wild turkeys go into the design of these three relaxed, welcoming hen decoys. High-exposed rump and dropped wings tell incoming gobblers this hen is receptive to courtship.High head and upright position drives other dominant hens crazy. Exposed rump and dropped wings says shes relaxed but ready to fight for her tom. Excellent choice for early spring when turkeys are still flocked up.No-flake paint on the quiet, collapsible Dura-Rubber bodies wont wear off. Folding motion stake helps create movement with the slightest breeze. Includes drawstring bag, one-piece collapsible stake. Imported.

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