Avian-X AXP Honker Shell Decoys Six-Pack

Made by Avian-X

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Q. What is it?

A. Stack em up, haul em out and enjoy quick, simple setup with Avian-Xs oversized AXP Honker Shell Decoys. They stack easily in your decoy bag, truck bed or trailer to make transport a breeze and ensure your time is spent hunting, not setting up or tearing down your massive spread. Realistic anatomy and lifelike paint schemes perfectly duplicate the actual thing doing the things it does best lying down to rest, feeding and curling up to stay warm. Durable molded-plastic construction. Includes one rester, one short neck, two stretch-neck feeders and two feeders. Per 6. Type: Canada Goose Decoys.

Q. Where to buy?

A. This product (Avian-X AXP Honker Shell Decoys Six-Pack) made by Avian-X. You can buy it on Cabela's for the best price available online, under Sports & Outdoors > Hunting & Fishing > Hunting > Hunting Accessories > Decoys categories. or just click here.

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