Arbor Formula Midwide Snowboard

Made by Arbor

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Q. What is it?

A. The Formula is the ultimate blend that features an easy to ride Rocker System design with durable construction at an affordable price. Ita (TM) s the perfect stick to get the bang your buck has been looking for without sacrificing quality or performance. The Formula is built using the same technology and premium materials you expect from Arbor, in a timeless spoon-nose shape for riders who want an alla ""mountain board that will grow with them. * Reclaimed Wood Inlays * Spoonhead Tips * 2x4 10Pack Inserts * Single Malt Core * Biax Glassing * 360 Rails * Extruded Base * ThreeYear Warranty * Mountain Twin * Medium Flex * Beginner to Advanced * The Rocker System

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A. This product (Arbor Formula Midwide Snowboard) made by Arbor. You can buy it on ProBoardShop for the best price available online, under Sports & Outdoors > Snow Sports > Snowboarding > Snowboards > Freestyle Boards categories. or just click here.

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